Chris D. Smith - A.D. 2014Ruder than rude, but especially 'Rude on Friday'! Majestic Studio is proud to bring you the second release of The Nice Guys: better, bigger, bolder... and they mean business . Back to the roots with the dirtiest ska we've heard in ages!

As always you can order this CD through our website, or at the guys' concerts.

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The Majestic Studio Team

Chris D. Smith - A.D. 2014

One thing for sure; you can’t call Chris D. Smith a one trick pony! Is he a singer-songwriter? Sure, he is. Does he play rock,country, folk or blues music, …? Hell yeah, he does.

Seekaman - Truth

"We are Seekaman, a group of musicians from Ghana, West-Africa. Seekaman means “the land of gold” in the Akans language. Ghana lies on the westcoast of the Southern Atlantic ocean. We play reggae and African music such as highlife, kpalogo and Soukous. Currently we work and live in Ghent, Belgium."

AmorromA: "Merci, Jules"


"Voor dit nieuwe muzikale avontuur trek ik terug naar de bron van alle latere inspiratie, namelijk mijn vroege jeugdjaren in Boortmeerbeek, mijn eerste stappen bij de dorpsfanfare onder de vleugels van Gust Gooris en Beire Laenen, mijn kennismaking met de airekes en instrumenten van Hubert Boones toenmalige groep De Vlier op de Sint-Isidorushoevefeesten en met de Brabantse balmuziek van rond 1900. In Boortmeerbeek kreeg hij door Jules Wauters — met wiens zoon Maurice ik het geluk had samen in de fanfare te spelen — pareltjes voorgeschoteld als de molendans en de bezemdans."

"Pour ce nouvel album de mélodies dansantes AmorromA s’inspire de la « Brabantse balmuziek » (musique pour bal du Brabant) du tournant du siècle (1900), telle qu’elle nous a été transmise à travers le travail de collectage de Hubert Boone. Jules Wauters était une des sources d’information les plus importantes de Hubert. Il habitait le village de Boortmeerbeek et nous étions voisins. C’est à lui aussi que le titre de cet album fait référence : Merci, Jules."

MANdolinMAN plays Bossa Nova

After their first cd, 'Old Tunes, Dusted Down' – MANdolinMAN now take on the challenge of exploring yet another musical style: Bossa Nova!

On their new album, the foursome perform well-known Bossa Nova classics as well as self-written compositions. A unique take on the sound of Brasil!

Majestic Reggaebox — mixtape online!

Belgian soundsystem pioneer Crucial P is a man who carries reggae music in heart and soul. With these handpicked gems, carefully selected, he offers reggae fans 35 minutes of pure Jamaican entertainment.

A promo mixtape is now available online — check it out!