Agi-State (Vince Duysters): Born 1990, on the 6th of january, is a lyricist and recording artist that was born and raised in Belgium, Antwerp. He speaks both Flemish (Dutch) and English fluently, but writes and raps only in English.

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Amorroma duo is a new adventure and a fresh musical direction with Sarah L. Ridy (triple harp or arpa doppia) and Jowan Merckx (whistles & recorders, various instruments, percussion and singing) as a central duo, playing their own songs, all embedded in the best pan European tradition, with influences from ancient and traditional music, and chanson.

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Chris D. Smith

One thing for sure; you can’t call Chris D. Smith a one trick pony! Is he a singer-songwriter? Sure, he is. Does he play rock,country, folk or blues music, …? Hell yeah, he does.

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MANdolinMAN, Belgium's finest mandolin quartet, plays traditional Flemish tunes. Founded in the summer of 2011, the foursome has since toured in Belgium, Holland, Canada, Brasil and Scotland.

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Rohan Lee

Rohan Lee, Rastaman from Rockfort East Kingston Jamaica and one of the most authentic original roots singer/songwriters and instrumentalists of his time, was born in Trench Town, 26 Fourteenth Street and grew up in Rockfort most of his life.

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Rollmops brengt nummers van eigen makelij rond het genre rock 'n roll. Geen typische 50s rock 'n roll of rockabilly, maar een eigen stijl die varieert van boogie-woogie en blues tot swing en ska. De opzwepende backbeat en rollende contrabas zorgen voor een onweerstaanbare dansdrang en de teksten en melodieën klinken vrolijk en blij.

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Rootman J & the Zionyouth Crew

Rootman J. is een songwriter, arrangeur, bassist, gitarist, zanger en percussionist. Deze jonge leeuw vol energie en positieve vibes is geboren in Afrika, maar woont sinds 2000 in België.

Hij speelt al 8 jaar met zijn Zionyouth Crew, waarmee hij meerdere cd’s opnam: Destined Destination (2008), Jah Time (2012), en Under Jah Flag (2016). Beiden zeer sterk onthaald. De groep speelde dan ook op menig festival in binnen- en buitenland (Couleur Café, Reggae Geel, Sfinks, Mano Mundo, Milaan, San Francisco…).


"We are Seekaman, a group of musicians from Ghana – West-Africa. Seekaman means “the land of gold” in the Akans language. Ghana lies on the westcoast of the Southern Atlantic ocean. We play reggae and African music such as highlife, kpalogo and Soukous. Currently we work and live in Ghent, Belgium. "

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The Nice Guys

We have a fantastic new band, The Nice Guys, under our Majestic umbrella. These enthusiastic young guys started back in 2001 when 3 of them (Lieven, David and Diederik), playing in the punk band The Accused, felt like playing some ska! Then Koen joined the band and the first line-up was a fact. The second release of The Accused already featured 2 songs by The Nice Guys: "Ska Party" and "Toepe Len".

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