Summer 2010, ASHAM and Belgian’s most promising reggae voice 'COLLIEMAN' played some wicked jam sessions, which eventually resulted in the musical project “Asham meets Collieman”.

For both singer and musicians, it’s a mystic connection: the blend of Collieman’s soulful voice and Asham’s groove creates irie vibes. Together they present Collieman’s debute album: “The Same Blood”.

The album was mixed by Not Easy At All Productions (e.g. Chezidek, Apple Gabriel, Vernon Maytone, Earl Sixteen, .... ) and released by the new Majestic records. 'The Same Blood' is a top ranking production: Asham & Collieman lift Belgian reggae up to an international level.

Check it out, on disc and on stage!


The history of Asham

Asham Band is a reggae backingband based in Antwerp (Belgium), founded in the spring of 2008. The band name refers to 'the original sweet Jamaican poor people powder snack'.

Asham finds its strength and inspiration in a long lost time, when things were made to last. In a culture where profit wasn't idolized and people didn't pass each other by as total strangers. Asham travels back to the source of Reggae.

The band was born when two experienced reggae musicians, Wim Radics (drums) and aLion (bass), teamed up and started jamming together. "Ghetto music is drum, and bass", and Lee "Scratch" Perry didn't lie about it. So things got started with a drummer and a Mr. Bassie. Wim Appels (keyboards) and Eddy Van hie (guitar) add power to their groove. A tasty horn section completes the setup. Asham plays because it's fun to play.

They go back to the roots, but keep their eyes on the road ahead and are open to all kinds of influences. The band plays showcases with both Belgian and international artists. In Belgium they played, among others, with Collieman, King Johnny den Artiest, Jagan, lrieginal Abraham (NL).

They have also collaborated succesfully with Jamaican artists such as Rohan Lee and the legendary Heptones (Leroy Sibbles & Barry Llewellyn). And this is only the beginning. The band is fully motivated and continues to work hard to back present and future singers. The Asham Band is vigilant in its drive to be among the tightest and strongest backing bands in Europe.


The history of Collieman

Collieman, born in April 1988 by the name of Stefaan Colman, is one of Belgium's finest Reggae vocalists. He took his first steps as leadsinger of the former group 'Jah Generation'.

A few years later Collieman has become a well respected singer who has been involved in many projects. In 2010, after doing a series of shows all over the country, more and more people started to realize that he has much potential. Now he's ready to release his first full album to the world.

Ever since he was a little boy, Collieman was praised for his unique voice. Experiencing many styles over the years, he got more and more influenced by the conscious teachings of the Rastafarian Movement, until he would become one of Belgium's most promising singers in the reggae genre, playing alongside many artists.

After going on a mission to Jamaica with Puraman (PuraVida ft. The Congo's), this young artist has become an even better performer. Together with the fine musicians of Asham Band, he is ready to mash up the stage!


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