Rohan Lee, Rastaman from Rockfort East Kingston Jamaica and one of the most authentic original roots singer/songwriters and instrumentalists of his time, was born in Trench Town, 26 Fourteenth Street and grew up in Rockfort most of his life.

At age 15 he taught himself guitar. During the period of his teenage years Rohan Lee became well known through the love of the people and his musical expertise and worked with various artists both popular and unknown.

Rohan Lee then formed a band named Sounds of Rainbow in 1985 with 8 musicians including himself until 1995.

In the year 1990 Rohan Lee first single “Struggler in the Ghetto” on vinyl 7” released on his own Rainbow label which was recorded at Channel One and mixed in Aquarius Studios.

His 7” single made little impact on Jamaica air waves, also played on “R.J.R.“ and “Irie Fm“. 5 Years after the single released the band broke up.
After his band broke up Rohan Lee went to work at Joe Gibbs Recording Studio as studio musician for a few years (1995-1998) with Sydney Crooks from the group the Pioneers, who was the producer for Joe Gibbs at that time, together with Errol Thompson.

Rohan Lee and a few singers from Rockfort started a music club in Rockfort called “The Johnson’s Town Music Club” and taught music there that produced some very good musicians most of whom are now living in other forreign countries.

Rohan Lee worked with artists such as Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs; Alton Ellis, Jacky Brown, Horace Andy, Tanya Stevens, Frankie Paul, George Faith, George Nooks, Pam Hall, Sharon Forrester and can name many more well known artists. Musicians such as Horsemouth Wallace, Lennocks Gordon, Vin Gordon, Deadly Headley, Lascelles Beckford, Aston “familyman” Barrett, Cedric Brooks, Braco Brackenridge, Egbert Evans, Ansel Collins, Dean Frazer, Scully, Lloyd Parkes, Computer Paul, and can name a lot more prominent musicians who are pioneers in the building and development of Reggae Music.

Most of all the Skatalites Johnny “Dizzy” Moore, Roland Alphonso, Jah Jerry, Lloyd Nibbs, Leicter and Keith Sterling, Tommy Mc Cook and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari Lesley Samuels, Nambo Robinson, Sam Clayton, Phil Algaranga. Johnny “Dizzy” Moore played a very, very important role in developing Rohan Lee’s musical expertise.

It was Sam Clayton of Mystic Revelation of Rastafari who brought Rohan Lee onto the international scene. Which Rohan Lee richly deserve. In 1998 Rohan Lee made a West-Europe tour with Mystic Revelation of Rastafari and performed in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Italy which was a smashing success.

Karel Michiels, one of the most prominent and influential journalists of Belgium took Rohan Lee more on the front of the International scene. He was the manager of Rohan Lee at that time. He got Rohan Lee’s musical career started to be recognised internationally when he got the Dutch band the Recipe from Leiden to work with Rohan Lee and produce the classic Roots cd For the Poor.


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