cd habibeats&hummus

7Hills and Beats & Breakfast proudly presents HABIBEATS & HUMMUS!!!

Habibeats & Hummus is a middle eastern inspired trip hop album produced by Beats & Breakfast to support 7Hills Skatepark, a social skateboarding project in Amman, Jordan.

So why support 7Hills?

7Hills is a skatepark building community in downtown Amman. The organization unites local and refugee youth through skateboarding philosophy. The 7Hills skatepark is a secure space for people from all walks of life and it offers the lifelong tool – skateboarding - to defeat gender, racial, religious or cultural inequalities.

7Hills runs a free of charge skateboarding program with skateboarding classes, a leadership program and outreaching sessions. They provide transportation services to the skatepark from underserved areas in Amman to bring weekly approximately 150 kids from Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen to the skatepark.

7Hills tries to reach the most vulnerable groups in the area and proved them with a platform for personal growth, empowerment and social interaction.
Every penny goes to 7 Hills!!